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Efficiently onboard customers, reduce your risk, stay ahead of regulations… with IdentityMind KYC

KYC is more than a regulatory requirement, it’s a key part of maintaining the integrity of your business, fighting fraud and fighting money laundering. It is also key to fully complying with regulatory requirements, passing audits with flying colors and maintaining a sound business. Without a strong, efficient KYC process, bad actors can conduct fraud and implicate your business in terrorist financing, human and drug trafficking or other nefarious activities. However, the wrong system can lead to higher fraud, fewer good customers or, worse, findings during a compliance audit that may result in hefty regulatory actions.

The good news is that IdentityMind delivers an industry-leading KYC solution that helps you stay compliant with regulations and beat the bad guys in the process. Our platform provides:

  • Identity Verification
  • Document Validation
  • 30+ Verification Partner Ecosystem
  • Staged KYC
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Automatic KYC Remediation and Continuous Monitoring
  • Event-driven Alert
  • Rule-driven Cases
  • Queue Management
  • Sanctions/ PEP Screening
  • Real-time Risk Scoring
  • Digital Identities

IdentityMind KYC leverages our patented technology Electronic DNA™ (eDNA™) technology to build digital identities, machine learning and graph intelligence to understand the risk that entity presents. The result is a multi-layered KYC process that produces the most accurate results. 

IdentityMind helps you fight bad actors and streamline your compliance efforts, providing you with peace of mind.

Advanced KYC Email Series

key features


Identity Verification

  • Verify identity data in real-time against the IdentityMind database and through our partnership ecosystem
  • Verify information such as name, address, phone, government issued ID, and much more
  • 30+ data services vendors, one API

Document Verification

  • Upload documents and have them verified

Staged KYC

  • Risk-based approach to balance the customer experience with needed due diligence

Enhanced Due Diligence

Automatic KYC Remediation and Continuous Monitoring

  • IdentityMind continuously updates client data to ensure that they are up to date, compliant with your internal policies and regulations, as user information and user activity change over time
  • IdentityMind alerts you to any identity changes based on your rule sets




Identity Creation

  • Our patented eDNA creates digital identities and provides a risk score based on the provided attributes including name, address, phone, email etc.

Real-Time Risk Scoring

  • Machine learn uses templates per industry
  • System updates customer risk profiles as it learns from the customers transactional history and activity

Network of over 250 million + identities

  • IdentityMind’s identity network helps you understand the risk of a particular entity before you do business with them


Event-Driven Alerts

  • Customize alerts based on any event including user profile changes

Rule-Driven Cases

  • Set specific rules or thresholds for triggering alerts and cases

Configurable Rules

  • Set rules based on your own policy for fast and efficient onboarding experience

Queue Management

  • Prioritize cases and assign to analyst accordingly


Configurable Operational Dashboards

  • Add widgets to create dashboard adequate to the operations of team members

Account Dashboard for Easy Viewing of Reports and User Data

  • View report highlights for increased team efficiency

Visual link analysis for rapid assessments

  • Graph Link analysis provides a holistic view of the customer’s connections to attributes and other entities

Compliance Reports

  • Standard reports for internal operations, auditors and more


300 + Sanctions and PEP Lists

  • Automatically employ lists as required
  • Negative news screening and various other lists

Watchlist Filtering

  • Filter through customer whitelist and or/ blacklist

Matching Algorithms

  • Configurable per list fuzzy matching on names, phonetic algorithms, and cosine
  • Unique matching based on digital identity graph

Filter False Positives

  • Filter based on date of birth, location, and number of lists

VCRA Risk Assessment (optional)

  • Understand bitcoin risk assessment
Selected Customers

Efficiently Onboard Customers

Tailor the onboarding experience for each customer with our user-centric risk-based approach. Our eDNA™ engine manages the process. It takes customer information assembles it into an identity, and verifies against our unique database of digital identities and through some of the 30+ vendors integrated into our platform. The IdentityMind platform then analyzes the information to determine the level of risk that that identity poses. It then provides you with a reputation score in real time so you can determine how to proceed.

Global Verification Coverage

Our platform has identity verification capabilities in almost every country. Combined with our patented eDNA technology it helps verify everyone you encounter including foreign nationals, the under-banked, and high-risk individuals such as politically exposed persons (PEPs) and individuals associated with known bad actors.

Reduce Your Risk

Identify the good customers you want to do business with and bad actors you want to avoid. Our eDNA™ engine assembles digital identities for each entity you do business with. Using graph intelligence, we create a reputation score that allows you to assess your risk exposure for quick decision making. See whether a user is associated with any bad actors or nefarious activities.

Stay Ahead of Regulations

Maintain a proactive compliance program, be ready for auditors, and stay prepared for stricter regulatory requirements.  The IdentityMind platform’s flexibility enables you to be ready to respond quickly to new legislative developments. We allow you to request additional information or tailor your on-boarding form as needed per any new regulatory requirements.

Why IdentityMind

Everything You Need In One Platform

Identity verification, risk assessment, EDD, rules, case management, continuous monitoring, and more in one platform.

Highly Accurate Risk Assessment

Our platform is highly accurate allowing you to safely accept good customers. Customers identified as “trusted” are automatically accepted over 99% of the time with only 0.03% of error.. Our Electronic DNA™ (eDNA™) technology builds and manages identities, and leverages machine learning and graph intelligence to accurately assess the risk that entity presents.

Easy-to-use KYC Plug-in

IdentityMind’s KYC plug-in allows you to deploy a powerful KYC solution with only a few lines of code in as little as a few hours.

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